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SUCCESS is the result of hard work, learning from failure and persistence!
On Wealth Building
Billionaire John Paul Getty said there are three things that are necessary to accumulate financial wealth:

1. Own your own business.
2. Offer a product or service needed by others.
3. Have a system that allows you to duplicate yourself through others.
He said: "I would rather earn 1% of 100 people's efforts than 100% of my own."
I believe that most people want to take control of their financial destinies and are searching for the right vehicle to achieve financial independence.
1. They fail well: They NEVER accept defeat.
2. They have a winning mindset: They understand the foundation element is the verb "to WIN".
3. They have persistence: In business and in life they NEVER give up.
4. They have perservance: They NEVER GIVE UP! I know it's been said but it bears repeating.
5. They possess unbridled PASSION: They stay focused and on the right track.
6. They have drive: They remain driven and intent on mastery.
7. Total ambiguity: They use uncertainty like fire to accomplish what others said was impossible.
8. Adaptability: They avoid getting stuck in a fixed mindset.
Elaine Hampton - Owner
That being said here are 8 traits that successful people possess:
 It's Tine To Start A Positive CASH-Flow Business That Makes $ense In 2020!
These are traits that I have adapted in my business and consequently have helped me to stay on the path to continued financial success. My mind is open to endless possibilities because I NEVER GIVE UP!